Technical SEO

Optimize your project code to be on rule with Google standard metrics.

Deep Optimization

Technical SEO is the way to optimize a website from the code, it means that your site will be easy-to-crawl by Google bots. On our SEO service we include Technical SEO as part of our the all-in-one SEO service.

  • Deep SEO audit and bug fixing.
  • JS, CSS and HTML optimization
  • Schema Markup Optimization

Technical SEO Process

Each website has it own issues, that’s why our first optimization step focus to understand the market niche and the code bugs.It let us run a better Technical audit and optimization.


Understand the nice and who that market works is important since it’ll let us decide which is the best optimization strategy for your project.We’ll have a 30 minutes meeting to discuss the project and understand better what are your thoughts about your project and what are your concerns of it.

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Site Audit

The second optimization step is, run a deep SEO audit, we use some of the most trusted SEO tools to provide a deep crawl using a tool such as Screaming Frog SEO Spider.The crawl process will depend on project size, most audit takes around 48 hours since we have to get the data and start to planning a solution for each bug founded.

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Code Optimization

As soon as we complete the SEO audit, we start to work on your project optimization, at this point depending on your site code language and team setup we can optimize the code by our self or work together with your dev team.We provide SEO service to medium and large teach industries, we understand that sometimes the execution process must follow a dev sprint, we’re flexible to work with your dev team providing all data that they need to update if it’s necessary.

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Deployed the update, our team will validate that all changes are working correctly and Google is allowed to crawl it. At this point we validate your site indexation, bugs, code optimization using Google Search Console and others internals tools such as SEMrush.Google takes around 48 hours to start to re-crawl and indexing new changes, it’s important to mention that Google could keep cached some updated on their server for 24 – 48 hours.

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Once that we have deployed and tested the updated the optimization is done. Keep in mind that keep your website with a constant technical optimization can help your site to be competitive with others sites in your business niche.As a SEO consulting company over 11 years of experience, we recommend the sites’owner keep an on-site SEO expert or hire a SEO company to keep your site update and not only once that the site has issues.

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