Local SEO

Rank your business by taking advance of local resources.

Local Ranking

Take advance of Local SEO to rank your business for domestic searches, it means that if you own for example a hotel business SEO can help you to improve your visibility, optimizing your page and resources such as Google My Business.

  • Local SEO study for better understand of competitors.
  • Local optimization of landing pages and profiles.
  • Rank and Track and Grow of the SEO strategy applied.

Local SEO Process

Here’s a summary of the local SEO process that we follow for each project.

Local SEO Research

Our first step is focused to understand your business and your competitors. Our expert team will meet you to define your business goals, you’ll be assigned an SEO manager to provide you information related to the strategy and help you to clear all your questions.

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Strategy Deploy

Once we define your SEO strategy, the next step is to deploy it. Depending on your project tech, our experts will help your IT team to deploy it or if you don’t have an IT team, we can take care of the full deployment.

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Track & Grow

Once that strategy is deployed, our team will track and analyze data collected to improve your project, our team will constantly create new strategies to reach your goals related to SEO.SEO is not a one-month strategy, that’s why we recommend investing in an SEO strategy if you want to create a middle-long-term campaign.

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