Technical SEO

SEO audit and improvement services from the code side, extensive experience working with WordPress and JavaScript.

Strategic SEO

Complete SEO strategy for your company, allowing you to gain organic visibility in compliance with Google's guidelines.

Penalized Web

Experts in dealing with web penalized by bad practices, we have knowledge in algorithmic penalties and manual actions by Google.

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White Hat SEO
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We Offer a Wide Variety of SEO Services

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Technical SEO

Extensive experience in SEO optimization and improvements from the code side, both in PHP based sites as well as websites created with Frameworks or JavaScript libraries.

On-page SEO

We improve the visibility of each website by optimizing content, internal links, Metadata and all aspects related to the internal content of a website, which is known as SEO-Onpage.

Link Building

Links continue to be relevant in some cases to improve Google rankings. We create Link Building strategies based on high quality and impact measurement in each project.

Full SEO Audit

We provide complete audit services, this allows you to have a better overview of your website and the visibility you are getting, it also allows you to know what are the problems to solve and opportunities for scalability.

Web Analytics

Web analytics will help you to better understand your website traffic and users behavior. Business decision are better if it's backed by real data and web analytics can help you to take better business decision.

SEO Consulting

We know that SEO can be a bit complicated to understand, as changes happen every day that in one way or another have an impact on the visibility of your website. We provide on-site team consulting.

There isn't secret sauce, just strategic work.

Whether you own a small or established tourism-related business, visibility in search results is crucial for further growth. Our SEO experts get your business in front of new customers online by ORGANICALLY optimizing your website.

We are a consulting agency specialized in optimizing SEO for businesses in the tourism and hospitality industry. Each SEO strategy is developed based on the needs of each client, our main goal is to rank for those search terms that attract the MOST customers to your business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not magic and there are no tricks to rank faster. SEO is a strategy based on best practices to “convince” Google over time that a given web page is the best for a given set of search terms (keywords). So, we like to start by getting to know your business, your online presence, and your ideal customer. A full, in-depth website analysis tailored just for you.


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Located in beautiful Costa Rica, we are a company 100% specialized in SEO. Due to our location and time zone we work with clients mainly from the USA, Canada and LATAM. We are obsessed with good customer service and transparent SEO strategies that allow each client to understand what we are working on for the improvement of their project.

Technical SEO
On-Page SEO
Web Analytics
Link Building

SEO Insights & Analysis


SEO is constantly changing, the rules are governed according to the changes made by search engines, especially Google which has a market share of over 90% in the Americas, that is why we are constantly doing market analysis and trends to provide new findings on issues of organic visibility.

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Discovering true and good SEO's in Central America is something like finding a needle in a haystack. If you come upon Rusbell you have found a golden needle. Take care of it!
Rodrigo de Bedout Business Owner

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