Blog Why you should track and understand your website traffic behavior to improve your business visibility

Data is more than numbers. It is the best way to understand your business behavior, clear data will let you know how are your users finding you and what’s their behavior once that they land on your website.

When companies ask me about, how to improve their website visibility, most of the time I ask their in-house team (if it exists) if they know the user’s bounce rate, the main source of traffic, user’s heat maps, etc. Most of the time they don’t have a clear overview of the mentioned data, in some cases data does not exist at all.

The main reason here is, if companies don’t understand “Traffic Data” it will be hard to improve their business, I’m not referring to CEO has to know learn Search Engine Optimization but, he/she has to understand how that traffic land and more important what is the behavior of it.

From my point of view, before starting an SEO strategy we have to make sure to understand the traffic behavior, if a website has a traffic drop or if it’s not growing it could be related to an internal website issue or Google Core Update and the best way to detect issues is by analyzing traffic.

On other hand…

If a website has a good on-page SEO, but is not growing its organic traffic, it can be a trend-related issue. Analytics can help us to identify your business trend and validate if you have to add a new category to your website.

For example, if you have a Car Rental website, and you’re doing a great SEO, but you don’t see a YOY increase, it could be related to a traffic trend, you may have to optimize your website for more locations, new terms, etc. We can get it done by using tools such as Google Trends to develop a content strategy based on real data that let us have a better overview of your business niche trend.

Data plays an important role, invest on training or Analytics audit will help your business to understand how to grow from traffic organic side. More than spend it’s a long-term investing that also will help you to save money on strategies without data backed.

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