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Nowadays, many tools promise to “do SEO for you” at an exaggeratedly low price and get results quickly. This type of advertising makes business owners think that SEO is just a matter of “tweaking a few things on the web and, that’s it” Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Several factors affect the behavior of how your website is displayed in Google search results, for example, the quality of the contentthe industry, your direct competitorsetc.

So, paying a monthly fee for an SEO tool is never going to be enough. Tools can help (if you know how to use them) to improve some aspects of your website, however, a customized strategy is needed since every website is different.

Google is constantly changing

Google’s main business is to offer the best possible content in each search to its users, with this the search engine gains people’s trust and creates dependence, with these and many other factors are that Google shows advertising to its users in the search results, promoting more and more paid searches.

On the other hand, Google knows that people hate advertising (most of them) which is why they continue and will continue to need organic results. Recent studies have shown that approximately 70% of Americans trust organic results more than advertising.

It is for this reason that Google is constantly improving the factors contained in its core algorithm, allowing it to improve the results for its customers (users as Google calls them…) these constant changes within the Google environment mean that a website needs to be constantly updated with Google’s guidelines, otherwise it may lose visibility (if it already has it) or never get it at all.

Now that you know a bit about how Google works let’s move on to the next step

As you can see, optimizing a website so that it comes up in the first results quickly is not something that is compatible with the constant changes that Google is making and also taking into account that your competition may be investing more resources in improving their project.

That’s why we always recommend thinking of SEO as a long-term investment and not as a solution to get quick sales. We know this doesn’t sound as sexy as you may think it is, but transparency, quality, and trust are more important to us than winning a contract.

There is good news for your project

Working a long-term SEO strategy doesn’t mean that there will be no monthly goals, it doesn’t mean that you won’t understand what you are investing money in. On the contrary, a good SEO strategy has well-defined goals from the beginning, which are reflected in monthly reports, where you as a client will understand what tasks are being done and how that work is benefiting your website.

A good SEO strategy combines optimization and web analytics, allowing you to understand the behavior of your website and the users who visit it. With this data, you can constantly improve your website, but as you may have imagined this takes time, it is not something that can be concluded from one day to another.

Important aspects of a long-term SEO strategy

These are some of the most important aspects that you as a client should take into account when hiring an SEO expert.

The expert has to understand your industry

  • It is important that you hire an expert who has worked or has experience in your industry, no SEO strategy is the same, so experience in a specific sector is very important.

Transparent and easily accessible information

  • While you may not understand some tasks and/or data, it is important that the expert provides you with the information efficiently, also a good SEO expert takes the time to explain to you what is being done and what impact the work is having on your website.

Stay away from BlackHat SEO strategies

  • Getting thousands of links to try to trick Google and get a website up quickly is something that sometimes works, however it never ends well, because sooner or later Google will detect it and penalize your website, sending it to the last search results. That is why we will never recommend BlackHat strategies for any project.

Contact us if you are interested in a long-term SEO strategy.

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